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The Magic of NKT

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Does this sound familiar: no matter how much your massage therapist, osteopath, chiropractor adjusts, massages, stretches out an area, the discomfort keeps coming back?

Perhaps you have been given physio exercises to do but it is not resolving the issue.

There is a very good reason for that.

For many of us, as we go through life, get knocks and injuries, we acquire compensation strategies, new layers that take us further away from perfect function. These strategies are stored in our brain's motor control centre.

Our amazing brains find new ways of moving us to get us through our day. We get tension and tightness but are often not aware of it. However we eventually run out of further compensation options. Our tissues get exhausted, and the brain says "No more". That's when we tend to get obvious pain.

Unfortunately many traditional body workers have been trained to chase pain and press where it hurts. Where it hurts NOW tends to be the downstream impact far away from the original source of issue. The centre of the onion is what we really need to target.

Neurokinetic Therapy ® (NKT® ) does exactly that - it looks for the centre of the onion. It is a specialist and very highly effective method of providing rehabilitation to patients with a wide range of different conditions. It is an incredibly powerful alternative to traditional physiotherapy - and it works by targeting the problem at source - in the BRAIN.

This is applied neurology in action. And it feels like magic once you have experienced its power.

NKT employs a system of muscle test challenges, where we look for what is overworking, underworking, and what takes priority. We then rebalance the components and changes are instantaneous. They require simple homework to reaffirm in our brain's motor control centre and then they start becoming the new norm.

I am proud to be an NKT practitioner and have worked with a wide range of conditions including back and neck pain. NKT can be done in person and also online.

To find out more about NKT, please reach out and we can talk.

To your health,


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