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Yoga Pilates Therapy Restore Your Core RYC Back Pain Posture Incontinence Prolapse Menopause Wimborne



If you are experiencing pelvic floor weakness, prolapse, back pain or poor posture, this programme is for you.


My Core Restore Therapy blends elements of the Restore Your Core (RYC)® programme and my bespoke core therapy programme.  Using a mixture of Yoga, Pilates, rehabilitative movement, mindful relaxation, and the sheer joy of movement, I will take you through a series of practices that are based on a multi-faceted approach to women’s health.


By working with me, you will learn to engage your core muscles effectively while experiencing a sense of fluidity and control. No longer will you think of the core as just belly muscles. 


The core includes the back, pelvic floor, and diaphragm, our main breathing muscle and to work efficiently, it needs to work in a balanced, synchronised fashion. By strengthening your body from the inside out, you will notice enhanced posture, and experience the rejuvenating benefits of my Core Restore programme.

Core Restore Therapy


Does the fast pace of life and a never-ending ‘to-do’ list affect your well-being?


If your nervous system is out of balance, it can affect your digestion, sleep patterns, heart rate and blood pressure. Being able to relax and feel connected to everyone and everything is so good for your health, happiness, and pain management. 


There are many ways I can help re-balance an overstressed nervous system including addressing past trauma and grief, improving your breathing techniques or helping you discover a range of movement therapies.


Don’t feel stuck any longer.  Out with Imposter Syndrome and in with a sense of calm and control.

As a qualified Integrated Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) practitioner, I will help you identify triggers for unwanted emotions and strategies for reducing their effect on your well-being.

Yoga Pilates Therapy Restore Your Core RYC Back Pain Posture Incontinence Prolapse Menopause Wimborne
Emotonal Transformation
Hypopressives Pelvic Floor Incontinence Prolapse Womens health Menopause Strength Posture Pilates Restore Your Core RYC


Is your pelvic floor struggling to deal with the day-to-day demands of life?

Your pelvic floor is constantly under some tension. But you may be one of those women suffering from excess tension - giving you symptoms such as heaviness, obvious prolapse, or incontinence. 


My programmes are designed to address any concerns you may have such as incontinence, pelvic pain, and postpartum recovery.


I will help challenge your pelvic floor through a range of therapies.  Together we will work on adopting better breathing techniques and increasing your range of hip rotation. A stronger pelvic floor will reduce your risk of embarrassing moments when exercising, laughing, or simply going about your normal day.

Pelvic Floor


Do you dream of moving better and feeling stronger?


If you believe in a holistic approach and love the idea of moving better, my movement therapy programmes are for you. I incorporate targeted core activation movements, gentle physiotherapy-inspired techniques, and cutting-edge muscle strengthening, lengthening, and releasing methods based on the latest anatomical insights.


Together we will delve into the world of Pilates and movement, coupled with mindful breathing exercises, and to add a bit of flair, I may use resistance bands and balls. If you haven’t already got these props I can recommend the best places to source them.


My movement therapy sessions are a dynamic and enjoyable mix geared towards making you feel better, move better and challenging you to connect with every part of your mind and body.


If you experience back or shoulder pain, spinal conditions, difficulty in movement, or conditions like hypermobility, MS, or fibromyalgia, these sessions are designed just for you. Provided there are no contra-indications, we are good to go.

Yoga Pilates Therapy Restore Your Core RYC Hypopressives Wimborne Dorset Kaye Woodgate Move Beyond
Moveent Therapy


Have you had enough of endlessly searching for what's causing your pain?


Ever heard of Neuro-Kinetic Therapy®?

NKT® is like a fast-track to figuring out and untangling our bodily compensation patterns.

Much of the pain and imbalance that we experience is due to these patterns which are stored in the motor control centre in our brain. NKT® uses a sequence of challenges and soft-tissue releases to resolve these patterns at their source.

I will help reinforce new movement patterns and switch you away from the ones that aren't doing you any favours.

With NKT® we are not just chasing your pain around, but are getting to the real cause of it, whether it is something new, is a recurring issue or is something you have lived with forever..

I am proud to be NKT® Level 3 (Advanced) certified.


Take Control . Move Better . Move Beyond

Neurokinetic therapy
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