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I found my calling through Movement Therapy

I have practised Pilates and Yoga from a young age because of neck problems.

My neck problems did not come out of nowhere; I was very unlucky to be born with a neck condition called torticollis, which created a persistent pull on my head to one side. It cannot be resolved surgically.
Even more worryingly, my eyes stopped working together because of a weakness in one eye muscle after an illness, which caused me to constantly tilt my head to see better and to avoid double vision.

When I was a teenager doctors noticed a degree of scoliosis. I was sent to do "rehabilitative gymnastics", as it was referred to in Russia in those days.  It is physiotherapeutic Pilates. 

NeuroKinetic Therapy NKT Posture Compensation Pain Tension Tightness Back Shoulder Hip Pain Pilates Rehabilitation
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I loved the precision and discipline of the exercises but I did not fully comprehend the importance of it on my body until much later.
I went through the next three decades of my life being lopsided and looking at people with a head tilt, just to see better. I was told that operating on my deviant eye was too risky as the deviation was so great.
This continued to increase my twists - until it became unbearable. I had to have eye surgery, and I did it at the age of 32.
Overnight, my vision improved massively and my head stopped tilting quite so much. It was certainly a risk that was worth taking.

I regained confidence and my life changed.

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But I was not fixed; I suffered serious pelvic problems during my first pregnancy.

This turned my life upside down. I was in a lot of pain for two years and at times was suicidal. Physiotherapy, massage and chiropractic did not fix me. I am grateful to the many people who assisted me during these tough years but it was clear that I was "no easy fix". This experience made me rethink everything.

Initially, I got back on my feet with the help of targeted Pilates therapy. This set me on to a journey of self-discovery looking for answers as to why my body was working the way it was.

My second pregnancy was amazing and pain free.

But this was not enough;  I was still fairly wonky.

As I went down the exciting rabbit-hole of learning how our body really works and responds to life's demands, it sparked a deepening interest in movement therapy and led to me retraining in Pilates Therapy.

After that, I added applied neurology with NeuroKinetic Therapy®, functional anatomy with Immaculate Dissection, restorative movement with Restore Your Core®, and pelvic floor rehabilitation work with Hypopressives
I am on a perpetual journey, continuously seeking out new ways to better help my clients.

And now I have developed my own method of teaching Movement Therapy, drawing on Pilates, Pilates Therapy, Yoga, somatic movement modalities and much more.

In addition, I am adding emotional health into the mix.  I have recently trained in emotional release work with Integrated Eye Movement Therapy, and am currently training in Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy.

Personally I am feeling much, much better after all these years, so I live it. I truly 100% believe that these tools have helped me at a very deep level and will therefore help others.

Take control . Move better . Move Beyond

NeuroKinetic Therapy NKT Posture Compensation Pain Tension Tightness Back Shoulder Hip Pain Pilates Rehabilitation
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