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I have been working with Kaye for 2 years. When I started I was still suffering frequent back pain from an old injury and when I rode a horse my left leg would go completely numb making it very unsafe. Kaye has a very individual style of teaching, her classes are fun and she gets to know her clients so she understands how to help them and she has a huge amount of knowledge so I am learning all the time about how the body works. I am now feeling so much better and I can ride regularly and my leg never goes numb.

- Chris Gard

I came to Kaye with pelvic floor issues, and ended up with fixed pelvic floor, cured back pain and knees improvement.


Generally I feel like running on brand new parts!


What Kaye does is far from "traditional" physiotherapy, but, in contrary to traditional physiotherapy, it works.


Her knowledge about human body, her dedication and professionalism are outstanding. Her passion, patience and understanding - too. And a great sense of humour at the top of it. I cannot recommend her enough.

- Kat M.

Menopause Health Pilates Recovery

I cannot recommend Kaye's Move Beyond Pilates Highly enough!! It has done so much good for my body and I really notice when I have to miss a session as I am no longer in balance when I don't do Kaye's exercises. The online classes feel like a lovely tuneup for my body every week - a little bit like a boiler service 😆 and I feel like this will pay dividends as I get older. Kaye is so wonderfully knowledgeable about the body and all your bones and muscles and how everything fits together and ties in - how a pain in your arm can relate to a muscle connected to your shoulder or further down your back or neck. With the individual and personal attention you get in such small class sizes you feel in very safe hands. As well as the physical exercises I love all of the breathing work and rib cage mobility education. Kaye is also just a lovely person to be around and if you're feeling a bit low you will feel a lovely positive energy upon speaking with her and ready to take on anything. I'm so pleased I found you Kaye!

- Sally U.

After moving to East Dorset from North London over  year ago. I began reformer Pilates at a nearby studio where I was lucky to join a small reformer class with Kaye as my teacher. I had worked on reformer apparatus for over 5years and loved it . When the Covid 19 pandemic struck and the studio had to close l picked up zoom classes 2/3 times a week. I was somewhat hesitant to do mat work as I can suffer  with low blood pressure dizziness  and my balance can be weak at times. Kaye has taught deep breathing techniques to combat and build lung capacity especially advantageous with regard to this pandemic. 


The classes are never boring,she explains everything in detail and breaks exercises down into sections so as to attempt perfection,all the time showing her on screen and with her checking my positioning. I am on my way to beating balance and the dizziness by moving forward with challenging myself with more advanced positions as it’s now safe to do so

Kaye is constantly learning new exercises and passes her knowledge on in such an enthusiastic and caring way.


I think she is a brilliant Pilates teacher. Every BODY needs a Kaye




- Janice Lindsey

In the autumn of 2018, I made the decision I needed to do something to ease the strong pain in my hip or settle for a life of injections or surgery – I thought it was worth giving Pilates a go. Fortunately, my path crossed with Kaye, who is not only a highly proficient Pilates instructor, but links this to Neurokinetic therapy. It wasn’t long before I was learning how my body was compensating for those pain signals, as Kaye guided me in how to use my body and breath to strengthen the right muscles that had become weakened whilst encouraging relaxation and release in those overworked muscles that had been carrying the load.


Kaye has an impressive knowledge of the body and how it works, yet she still has a real drive to enhance this even more, to give her clients a truly holistic experience. As a vertigo sufferer, her work with my vestibular system is giving me a new perception of where I am in space. As my body and brain adapts to new information, I am becoming more stable, with increased strength and stability, and less stress on my body.


In recent months, our professional worlds have come closer. Kaye began using versions of techniques very familiar to me as a counsellor and psychotherapist working in trauma. Now we are together experiencing the psychological impact on the body of life experiences, and how to work with this gently to invite the body to adapt and change. I was delighted at Kaye’s openness to try new ways to work with my body, it has felt really collaborative.


So, what about my hip? Through working with Kaye, I am stronger, more supple and stable. I am confident that I do not need injections or surgery. That is a result! I have been treated with consideration and feel valued as an individual. Thank you Kaye, for helping me in my recovery.


- Gail Longhurst

Counselling and Psychotherapist BSc(Hons) MBACP Accred

I started having Pilates sessions with Kaye 18 months ago, firstly on a one to one basis, because I suffer with several issues, affecting a lot of different areas of my body.

Through Kaye’s extensive level of knowledge, l have learnt that if one area of the body isn’t working as it should, other muscles compensate and it has a knock on affect throughout the body.

Kaye put together a personal package of exercises to help me build my strength, and when I felt ready I then chose to join one of her small classes. Even within the class situation, Kaye is still able to offer a personal experience to everyone’s individual needs.

I am so glad I started lessons with Kaye and cannot thank her enough for the help she has given me, and continues to give. I realise how important it is to keep myself moving for not only now, but also my future.

Kaye has not only helped me build my physical strength, but my mental strength, because I have so much more understanding of my body!

Thank you Kaye.

- Julie Cox

I cannot recommend Kaye enough! I have been seeing Kaye for 1-1 sessions and classes for a few years now. She has a wonderfully gentle approach whilst giving you a thoroughly decent and safe workout at the same time. I cannot attend standard mat pilates classes as I have quite a few "issues" but with Kaye I feel strong and I can get the quality of workout I need to keep me running safely. I can flit between strong and capable to anxious and pain ridden between sessions but she always handles me with care and consideration and can tailor a session to my state at the time. I leave feeling strong, calm and refreshed and Kaye usually gives me a few tricks to help me through the week ahead before I go.

- Samantha Fry

Cheerful Woman

I started seeing Kaye about 2 years ago.  I noticed that a Pilates studio had opened up and i have done Pilates before so i was aware of the benefits.  The Pilates that i have done before though was what I call 'normal' Pilates by which i mean the sort of Pilates that you find going on in Gyms etc.  It turned out that Kaye's version is much more special and profound.  She goes way beyond seeing it just as a form of exercise.  I have had a number of one to ones with her which have helped me enormously, not just on a physical level but also on a mental level.


I find now that i have more confidence as my body works more efficiently and i am able to stand up straight and walk faster.  it translates into being someone who can cope with life better as i am not hunched over and stumbling about.  She has given me knowledge that will help me with the rest of my life.  If it was not for the fact that i have moved to Spain i would have carried on seeing her.


The main thing that i have learned is how to breathe properly which has helped with my stress levels and has brought about more subtle and far reaching health benefits.  


My particular physical problems have been addressed by her with clever insight and tenderness, which i greatly appreciate.  I will miss her very much and will endeavour to keep in touch by Skype as i will miss her unique take on Pilates.  I don't think that i could have coped with the move to Spain if i had not met her, as she has changed me for the better and it has meant that i can now face this new big challenge in my life.

- Catherine Ambrose

I'm working out with Kaye Woodgate in her Move Beyond pilates class each week. She focuses on increasing our mobility which in turn is strengthening our muscles. Each week we have some different exercises along with more familiar ones so it is always interesting. Kaye never minds going back over something we haven't quite grasped. She is particularly skilled in the area of rehabilitation of people with any kind of injury. I recommend this lady highly and she also does one to one classes. at the moment of course this is all on Zoom but it works well and we can hear her easily as she wears a microphone.

- Chris Pole

Kaye is a very knowledgable, thoughtful and patient Pilates instructor and goes above and beyond to help her clients with a holistic approach.

I have referred many of my own clients who needed to learn more about how to move their body safely and correctly and have received nothing but positive feedback from them.

I would recommend Kaye to anyone wishing to begin their Pilates journey.

- Frankie Amat, Chiropractor

I originally approached Kaye because I was getting a lot of pain in my lower back and had a recent diagnosis of quite advanced osteoarthritis in the spine – and I was only 62. I was scared basically. I didn’t want to be in pain for the rest of my life if I could help it.

And I’m not…thanks to Kaye’s systematic, thoughtful and knowledgeable approach to getting one’s body working as best it can. Following a few one-to-ones with her, regularly attending one or two classes a week plus a little at home I am stronger, much more comfortable and can enjoy walking, gardening and, well, life in general. I am more upright in my posture and feel 10 years younger. If I start a class stiff or uncomfortable, I invariably end it feeling upright, flexible and more mobile.


An added bonus is that Kaye’s online classes work really well. She has kept the class numbers small enough so that she can spot if we are not quite getting things right and she suggests different ways to get the same balance and movement if one method is difficult for an individual. And the classes are enjoyable. I, for one, am really glad I know Kaye and can join her classes.

- Christine Storey


I have been attending Kaye’s Pilates Classes for over two years. Kaye is a professional, experienced, diligent, and caring teacher.

My health and well being has improved immensely since attending classes. I am asthmatic and my breath capacity is now better. My sciatica symptoms are much improved and I sleep better at night because of that. Kaye also helped me address my knee pain and neck tension. I would recommend her classes to anyone who needs to improve their flexibility and resolve discomfort.

- Jenny G

I’ve known Kaye for over 3 years, first taking part in her Reformer classes and later during lockdown joining her Zoom classes. Once lockdown ended it was great to return to face-to-face mat classes in Wimborne, which offer the opportunity to undertake exercises to improve mobility and flexibility in a friendly and social environment. I also took up Kaye’s offer of a 1-1 session which immediately addressed some really important areas for me. My posture became more upright after just one session and my neck discomfort reduced immediately. My husband noticed straight away how upright I seemed.


Kaye is a great teacher – her knowledge of anatomy and various health conditions is amazing. Although she can name all the muscle groups and skeletal details, her use of layman’s terms means that her students can easily relate to what she is explaining and the class can have some giggles at the same time!! Yes, Kaye’s sessions are challenging but she always ensures that her pupils can safely undertake the exercises and they are fun! The fact that Kaye is passionate about what she does is demonstrated by the number of courses she undertakes to keep her knowledge and expertise current.


My back surgery solved much of the intense pain I was experiencing but I was very stiff and my mobility was compromised. However, I can now bend over and touch my toes again, I am able to enjoy long walks with my husband and, very importantly, play with my young grandchildren without discomfort.


In the past, I have always found an excuse to stop going to exercise classes, etc. But Kaye’s classes have kept me focussed and I have found great benefit from them. I really look forward to each session and testing myself to improve on my ability to undertake the exercises set.


If you want to get fit, improve your mobility etc., I thoroughly recommend attending Kaye’s classes.

- Diane H

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