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I received a lovely testimony back in October which I am sharing with you with my client's kind permission.

Be stubborn like Sam. I’m with you every step of your way if you need me ❤️

“When Kaye started teaching me I was in a lot of pain. I had deteriorated physically since having my son and I was struggling to cope with the situation. Seeing Kaye was initially helpful so I could have an hour to concentrate on me and my expectations were low as I was in pain with anxiety and depression developing alongside. It was steady progress but Kaye has been understanding and manages to pitch the level just right for me every time even though my ability fluctuates wildly each week. Now I have started running again, completed 50 park runs and been able to go walking with my dad again. I feel like I’m finally settling back to “normal” (whatever that is). I cannot recommend Kaye enough to anyone who is having difficulties with mobility. She is an absolute star and she has been the most important element in my recovery, along with medication, hard work and sheer stubbornness.

Thank you Kaye

Sam Fry 23/10/19"


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