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Respect Your Amazing Body: Pilates and Beyond

Updated: Feb 4

What language do we use when talking about our body? Are we being respectful and kind, or critical and judgemental?

The choice of words is so important. It leaves not just an emotional imprint, but also has a physical impact.

The best, most well known example is doctors' bedside manner. Many of us will have had this experience - doctors should be taught during their training to strike the right balance between information, knowledge and respect for their patients.

But not everyone gets this right. And it can really, really hurt.

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On my own journey, I have come across health practitioners with a variety of approaches to talking to clients. Luckily most have been positive, encouraging and kind.

Sadly, a few struck not just the wrong chord, but have been pretty shocking.

“Your lower back is weird and disgusting”.

“This muscle, as you can see on this scan, has wasted and resembles a frozen and re-heated steak”.

“They said they would not touch you with a bargepole” (in reference to a request to assist in treating someone).

What message does this send to the person hearing these words?

Yes - you probably guessed it.... That they are totally, utterly, hopelessly broken, beyond help, with their bodies mangled and muscles beyond rescue.

On hearing this, the nervous system gets into a fight-or-flight or freeze state. Danger alert. It can feel so very unsafe to have a body, a body area, or a muscle in such desperately poor shape, with no hope of recovery.

This can ACTUALLY cause muscle inhibition and testable functional deteration in how that body area, or the whole body, performs. We test this with Neuro-Kinetic therapy protocols - and we can also clear such inhibition and emotional imprints using the same.

So be kind to yourself, and certainly be kind to the others. Treat yourself with respect you deserve. And treat the others in the same way. Never critical, never scathing.

We are never broken. We are always the best version of ourselves.

We are on a journey, with its ups and downs, and we deserve support from ourselves and the others on this road.

Love yourself and give yourself plenty of hope that you are simply amazing, with an incredible healing potential.

And never let anyone else tell you otherwise.

I run a variety of Pilates, neurology- and trauma-aware rehabilitative classes and 1-1 sessions in Wimborne, Dorset, and online. I always strive to support my clients in the best way possible using appropriate language, encouragement, fun and motivation. I am passionate about women's health and support during the peri- and menopause.

Why not give me a call if you are looking for support with core, pelvic floor, or other area challenges? We can discuss your health goals and start mapping your own bespoke way to recovery.

To your health, Kaye


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