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Client Testimony

I received a lovely client testimony today. So happy to see that the work we are doing with my wonderful clients' balance, stability and breathing capacity is paying off.

"After moving to East Dorset from North London over year ago. I began reformer Pilates at a nearby studio where I was lucky to join a small reformer class with Kaye as my teacher. I had worked on reformer apparatus for over 5years and loved it . When the Covid 19 pandemic struck and the studio had to close l picked up zoom classes 2/3 times a week. I was somewhat hesitant to do mat work as I can suffer with low blood pressure dizziness and my balance can be weak at times. Kaye has taught deep breathing techniques to combat and build lung capacity especially advantageous with regard to this pandemic.

The classes are never boring,she explains everything in detail and breaks exercises down into sections so as to attempt perfection,all the time showing her on screen and with her checking my positioning. I am on my way to beating balance and the dizziness by moving forward with challenging myself with more advanced positions as it’s now safe to do so

Kaye is constantly learning new exercises and passes her knowledge on in such an enthusiastic and caring way.

I think she is a brilliant Pilates teacher. Every BODY needs a Kaye


Janice Lindsey"


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