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Wall Alignment

What is the correct postural alignment to be in?

Many of us can be a bit rounded in shoulders and with a head forward posture these days. If you are not sure how to stack your body optimally, you can assess you alignment using a wall. Lean back into the wall gently, so you feel the contact of the buttocks, mid-back, and - maybe also the head -against the wall.

Don't strain to reach it, just use that as a guide. Does this feel natural and normal or do you feel tension, and can't feel the wall?

Do you have a natural lumbar spine curve in your lower back, if you place a palm in the small of your back? If you can just about slide a hand in there, this is probably about right. No space at all, and you probably have a flattened lower back. Lots of space, then you are likely exaggerating your lower back curve and creating compression.

Can you preserve this alignment stepping away from the wall?

This simple self-assessment will give you clues as to where you are holding tension, whether you have a head forward position, and whether you have lost or exaggerated your spinal curves

If you are habitually flattening the lower back, this predisposes you to disc herniation, which can create back and leg pain.

Head forward posture can create headaches, neck and shoulder pain as our body needs to be work harder to support the weight of the head. For a full video of this, and more tips like that, join us at

Image credit - Chris Yang for Unsplash


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