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Reference - Pilates Online Classes

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Just received a review from a lovely client who has worked with me for several years in the studio - and now online, following lockdown, cutting down his remote commute to exercise classes. It's wonderful to see that online Zoom classes are every bit as successful as I hoped them to become in March 2020. It's even better to see Richard and everyone else keeping moving well, being mobile and resilient.


Kaye has successfully moved her excellent Pilates Classes on line, and offers a first class service.

I was very happy with the classes in the studio following major back surgery, but as I live some distance away, I have opted for the on line Class and find it every bit as helpful.

I have no hesitation in recommending Kaye's services and the costs are very reasonable for the expertise and enthusiasm that is offered.


If you want to trial a Pilates therapy class, or to see how I can help, please message me to chat.

Image credit - Kraken Images


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