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THis Week at MOveBeyond - 27 Feb 2020

This week, we have been looking at spinal mobility assessments. We explored the amazing effect breath optimisation and diaphragm release can have; coupled with some muscle activation techniques, we saw how the forward bend and back bend improved for the vast majority of people. And that is in a class setting - a bespoke review in a 1-1 setting can and does achieve a lot more.

The key theme here was load sharing. In plain terms, that is the ability of your spine to move through all its vertebrae more evenly, with fewer "hinge points" which create points of overwork. Most of us are really mobile in the lumbar spine and necks, and less mobile in the ribs/thoracic spine. Doing these assessments changed that for people, and mobility in more sticky areas increased. Now for homework to practice the changes so that they become ingrained and lead to better Core Strength and stability throughout.


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