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Pelvis and Hips Corrections

My client presented with a complaint of sitting cross-legged and one knee was coming up a lot higher than the other, unusually for them. Also we noticed that their pelvis was turning in one direction easier than another.

I used a movement review together with a NeuroKinetic therapy (R) (NKT) protocol to assess the ligaments in my client's pelvis.

We identified that there was an imbalance of ligaments on the right and the left side of the pelvis. This was causing weakness in some muscles and causing a movement imbalance.

If you are anatomically minded - it was the piriformis muscle that was not functioning as well as we would have liked.

We rebalanced pelvic ligaments between the left and the right sides and redid the movement challenges.

The result was great! In sitting cross legged, my client's knee now came down much lower than before - and they reported a big release of tension across the base of the spine.

Movement of the leg into "external rotation" (which was restricted before) was now a lot easier! My client will have simple homework to do now for a couple of weeks to get this pattern bedded down in their body.

A great result from NeuroKinetic therapy (NKT) tools which can yield quick results which aren't just "quick wins", they are also permanent as we literally rewire the brain to create lasting changes.

If you are interested to find out more, please send me a message and we can discuss how this can help you address tension, tightness, restrictions across the body.

To your health, Kaye x


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