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Don't Get Lost

Out of the many roads to better health, which one do you pick?

When it seems overwhelming, which is the true way forward?

When you drive and seem lost in a new vast confusing city, you come to a safe place to stop, get your bearings, get your smartphone out, download some maps, maybe call someone, ask for advice and directions. Out in the countryside, you get signal, get your compass or GPS, get your bearings, consult a map. You would not drive for hours on end lost on a motorway... or walk around lost in the mist. Why do this with your body?

If you are lost, help is available. Research your healthcare providers, get advice, get a second opinion, then take positive action. Not in masking the symptoms - getting to the root cause.

Take proactive steps to get yourself back home, safely.

If you have back pain, sciatica, or a spinal condition, suffer tension or tightness in your body and don't feel on top form because of that, contact me to chat about getting back to better health: or 07768135481.

Image credit: Damir Babacic for Unsplash

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