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Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my Blog! My name is Kaye Woodgate. I teach Pilates Movement Therapy. It is a dream job where I get to meet so many wonderful motivated clients, assist them on their way to better health and movement patterns, and constantly continue learning about the fascinating human body and its capacity to move.

With Pilates and Movement Therapy, we don't just give our clients standard Pilates exercises - we tailor these to your bespoke requirements. For instance, I would not want to give someone who currently experiences disk trouble - e.g. disk prolapse - exercises to bend (flex) forwards. We always speak to everyone before they start their classes and understand their health history and requirements. This way, we make our Pilates more effective and better targeted to your needs. We also use biomechanical screens and - with your permission - hands-on movement guidance and muscle release techniques to help the process. That's what makes this approach unique and achieves results.

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