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Just sharing another lovely testimony from a client who is on the road to better health.

"I started having Pilates sessions with Kaye 18 months ago, firstly on a one to one basis, because I suffer with several issues, affecting a lot of different areas of my body.

Through Kaye’s extensive level of knowledge, l have learnt that if one area of the body isn’t working as it should, other muscles compensate and it has a knock on affect throughout the body.

Kaye put together a personal package of exercises to help me build my strength, and when I felt ready, I then chose to join one of her small classes. Even within the class situation, Kaye is still able to offer a personal experience to everyone’s individual needs.

I am so glad I started lessons with Kaye and cannot thank her enough for the help she has given me, and continues to give. I realise how important it is to keep myself moving,not only for now, but also my future.

Kaye has not only helped me build my physical strength, but my mental strength, because I have so much more understanding of my body!

Thank you Kaye.


Julie Cox"


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