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Nerve Flossing

Nerve flossing - what is this?

Imagine your nerve is like a hosepipe. If you step on it, there will be a blockage of water. Pressure inside the pipe, and kinks around where the pipe is stepped on, will cause swelling.

A hose does not hurt, but your nerve does - it gets inflamed. It hurts. The nerve stops conducting impulses to your muscles and sensation back from skin.

First it hurts, then you lose sense of vibration, temperature, then it goes numb.

Going numb is not good - not something to relish after you have had a lot of pain. It’s degeneration.

Nerve impulse to carry instructions to the muscle get weaker until we start having obvious muscle weakness and eventually muscles atrophy.

This is a critical physical problem - your body is sending you pain signals in desperate attempt to get your attention. Smearing nice oils or taking pills to quash pain signals your body is frantically sending you does not cut it. We need to step off the hose.

A great way of going this is doing gentle nerve flosses. It is a bit like gently pulling the hosepipe from one end and then the other, to dislodge it from where it is blocked.

The only thing is, you have many nerves, and each nerve can be entrapped at multiple levels. To be really exact, we need to identify WHICH nerve is impinged, then WHERE it's caught, and then do a nerve floss specific to nerve at that point.

I can help you identify which nerve is entrapped and where the nerve had been stepped on. We combine this with a neurological exam to get to root cause of the problem. Such an exam will prevent guesswork in assigning correctives.

However, here is a generic nerve floss for the sciatic nerve that will help some people. You need to be certain the sciatic nerve is the one that's impacted.

Do this slowly, precisely, and do not relish the negative sensations by stretching harder where it hurts. You do not want to yank that hosepipe hard, as it tends to get irritated if pulled with force!

Combine this with exercises to strengthen the core and widen your movement regime to get your body greater resilience, and you are well on your way to preventing this happening again.

Image credit - Joyce McCowan


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