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Lateral Knee Pain

Do you have lateral (outer edge of) knee pain? Here, we look at some potential reasons for it.

Unless you've had a direct knee injury, look at what is happening at the hip or ankle to figure out what is happening to the knee. Knee movements are a "slave" to what is happening - or what is not happening - at the hip and ankle.

Often, we start twisting the knee whilst moving, which it is not designed for. This is a compensation for lack of movement at the hip or ankle

If you have ilio-tibial band (ITB) tightness, don't roll it out - it's an extremely strong tendon that will not yield to stretching

Consider knee cap positioning, hip tightness, knee compression, and ankle and foot positioning to understand possible reasons to knee pain

Very often the muscle which is associated with the ilio-tibial band will compensate for weak buttocks

For more information and for a video on this, join us here to find out more about how your body works, and how movement can help you heal:


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