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Bilateral Problems Are Core Issues

Do you have bilateral (two-sided, Left and Right) challenges in your body?

For instance, both hamstrings very tight, both shoulders sore and tense often, neck tension on both sides?

Look at the centre of the body, the core, for the reason for that.

Somewhere on the axis line between the tailbone and the top of the head is the reason for this bilateral issue. We don't know exactly where, but in each individual case, we can find out. Example of that includes deep abdominal muscles or deep back muscles underworking. One reason can be scarring from surgery, or breathing patterns that can be optimised, that impact the core.

If the issue only relates to one side, then it's not driven from the centre of your body, but it's influence can still stretch across the body, potentially on the diagonal.

I use Neuro-Kinetic Therapy® amongst other tools to investigate and diagnose the issue. When we get to the true root cause, tension will melt away as the body loses it's acquired compensation layers.

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