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Motivation to Move

How can we move and exercise, when we are feeling tired, demotivated, uncomfortable, out of routine, or just really flat?

It is important to know what truly and deeply motivates you. What deeply resonates. So, take a piece of paper and write the PROs and CONs of exercising. Separate the PROs into 2 sections - why you "want" to exercise, and why you "should" exercise. You might spot that the "want" section will probably have emotional factors behind it.

For instance:

* I want to be fit and agile to play with my children or grandchildren * I want to have more energy and feel great in myself * I want to be able to continue doing my hobby for many years to come

Or even * I want to keep up with the wife/husband/friend/neighbour

The "should" section will be interesting, too - it might mainly reflect external encouragement for exercise, for example from your doctor. Do we always listen and take their advice to heart?

Which section is larger and more convincing to you?

Do they beat the CONs on your list, such as - hard to get going, do not have equipment, friend who I used to exercise with is unwell?

Can you find a way to address some of the CONs?

Take this list, put it up somewhere visible and refer to it next time you are trying to think of a reason not to go for that walk, run, or take that exercise class...

Have a lovely day full of healthy movement!



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