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Calf Tightness And Stretching

Tight calves, stretching all the time, tightess keeps coming back. Sounds familiar?

I worked with a client last week addressing this very issue. Here is how we resolved this.

My client has been stretching her calves a lot wanting for the effect to "stick". But maybe this had nothing to do with calves per se.

Maybe for you, one calf feels tighter than the other one. That was true of my client. Going up the body, thinking of your own movement patterns, do you prefer to step forward with the leg where the calf is tighter? So it's possible you are challenging your muscles in a different way so they started adapting.

Or, you are more comfortable with one leg forward in a lunge or step forward BECAUSE your calf is tighter. Chicken and egg, right... Or is it? and WHY might this be?

My client is a keen runner. On the same tighter calf side, the buttock muscles were engaging later and less well, and certain back extension challenges felt different side to side. We paid attention to her deep back muscles and their relationship to her back of the neck muscles. Once activated properly, neck tension melted away, back challenges became more symmetric, and tension in the calves evened out. No calf stretches. Her homework will be to strengthen her deep back muscles on one side after releasing tension in the side of her neck. Then go running. No stretches as they don't address the root cause.

It is all connected. Move better. Move Beyond.

All work was done online - it's very possible. Drop me a message to find out more.

Happy holidays!


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