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Does Work Get in the Way of Your Health?

How has your weekend been?

I spent most of my weekend revising for an exam that is happening this Wednesday coming.

It helps that my job and my passion coincide. I really do feel I have the best job on the world, so none of it is a chore - it's a journey of amazing discovery. Each day there is new things to be observed, learned, improved upon, worked out, assessed, moved in a better way.

It never used to be like that - in my past life and job I used to dread Mondays and arrive in the office full of anxiety. Sitting at a desk way longer than the usual 9-5, a rushed lunch if I was lucky, impossible deadlines coming thick and fast. Sure, some of it was interesting and challenging, but there relentless pressure, never ending cost cutting, and an attitude to people like we were disposable items. If you coped OK, you were given more.

Shallow breathing, shoulders up to the ears, tense face, clenched fists, tight back, sitting down all day... you get the picture.

At some stage, the rumour had it, there were 10% of people off sick with mental health issues.

So glad to have moved from that. Life is too precious to be wasted on living like that in constant stress, making someone else better-off, not fulfilling your dreams.

Life is too short. Make it count. Make your health count.

Do you love your job, and does it make you fulfilled? Does it give you time to look after yourself, do self-care, or does it all fall by the wayside because of too much pressure....?

Look after yourself and your health now and do not let life and work get in the way.

To start addressing your lingering and frustrating aches, pains and tightness, send me a message to arrange a 1-1 review.

To your health,


Image credit - Andre Hunter


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