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Bunions - Genetic or What?

Bunions - a painful deformity of the great

toe, on one foot or both. They tend to grow, finding

shoes that fit is getting more tricky, and they cause

pain. Ouchy.

If you have a bunion, you might have been told it's

genetic, if your parents had one too. But is that really

the case?

I'm going to challenge this, as we absorb movement

skills from family, in the same way as we learn

language and other essential life skills, learning by

imitation. Young children have an incredible capacity to

learn. The way to move one's body is just another

important skill.

Bunion is a response of your body to the way we move.

We should be pushing off the big toe with lots of lovely

movement under the big toe joint, as we walk and as

we leave one foot behind us.

However, if that foot is not pronating (going into the

arch) very well, we roll the leg inwards often and push

into the big toe joint with more force than intended

twisting it. The big toe joint experiences forces it was

not designed for.

The response is a deformity of the big toe joint, the

body lays down extra tissues around the joint to protect

it and the whole joint area grows outwards as the big

toe itself bends and curves inwards into its neighbour.

Surgery can be indicated to shave off the extra bone

that had grown. But here's the catch. Bunions very

often come back a few years down the line after the

very painful surgery!

Why? Because the underlying conditions that created it

are still there. Your foot continues to do the same thing

with walking as it used to, pre-surgery.

So we need to address this. Where do we start?

Always - with your core. Your intra-abdominal pressure,

the pelvis and lower back stability. Get these sorted,

combine that with decompression of the big toe joint,

and we can slow down, stop the process or maybe

even reverse it to some degree, if you put in lots of


To learn more, and put this into practice, why not book

in for a 1-1 assessment of your walking patterns and

your feet, or join one of my online classes where we

will talk more about walking, feet, and how these tie in

with core.

Let's address these bunions before they cause you increased discomfort and


To your healthy feet,


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