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Take Control of Your Health

If you are frustrated by bodily limitations, pain, stiffness, lack of answers, disappointed with doctors who seem to be out of their depth and do not seem to be helping much, help is available. You can become a better version of your current self. You can take control of your health and transform it.

Your age or whatever injury you have had are not the end of the road - far from it. We have the rest of our lives to look forward to.

Your body is your most precious asset and it is never letting you down. Tightness and discomfort are it's way of talking to you, giving you feedback. Observe and heed these signs and work to figure out what they signify.

Pain is most commonly NOT where the problem lies. Don't chase pain. Look at your whole health history for clues and answers. The body is an integrated whole. Your whole life history is written into your body.

The answers are definitely out there. There exist holistic approaches and people who guide you in the journey to healing, who help you piece clues back together.

Respect your body for its powers. Look after it and don't be afraid to move. Movement and a calm nervous system are your best friends in healing.

For more inspiration and tools to help you heal, join us at FB Movement for Life Tribe:

Image credit: Yeshi Kangrang for Unsplash


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