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Are Scars And Balance Issues Related?

Is lack of stability standing on one leg a balance issue? Related to your inner-ear balance organs?

Most often, it is not.

Is it a strength issue?

Not necessarily.

Our bodies are strong. But some muscles might be inhibited in certain patterns of movement, such as standing on one leg. If we clear this pattern, we tend to feel immediately more well balanced.

Case study: I worked with a lady recently who had a C-section over 40 years ago. She had excellent balance standing on her Right leg but was unstable on the Left side.

Using NeuroKinetic Therapy® tools, I assessed that many muscles attaching to her Left hip were testing "weak". This however is not necessarily true weakness, rather, they were inhibited by another overworking structure.

In this lady's case, the structure of interest was the old scar itself. Some knots in the otherwise well-healed scar were acting as a negative stimulant to the body, disrupting the smooth pull of tissues across the lower belly muscles, and creating inhibition in muscles connecting into the lower belly muscles. Effectively, the Left side of her Core was not doing as good a job as her Right.

Most of the knots of interest in her scar were on the Left side of the scar.

Using scar release techniques, I released the scar and gently activated the Left low belly muscles. The surrounding muscles of the hip then came "online" all by themselves - and showed strength in testing.

The most important result, however, was the instantaneous improvement to this lady's balance standing on the previously affected Left leg!

NeuroKinetic Therapy® (NKT®) is a fantastic tool to allow us to resolve compensations within the body and bring various structures into a more optimal arrangements. Homework, assigned after sessions, helps solidify these new relationships in our neural pathways.

To inquire about NKT®, please get in touch and let's see how it might be able to help you.

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