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How is Your Diaphragm Driving Your Posture

What is your posture determined by?

Back strength, buttock strength, core stability, tummy muscles strength... yes, all of these to some extent.

How about your diaphragm?

Oh, how is that...?

I worked with a lovely client this week who came to me with some back discomfort and neck pain. There is a history of discomfort which culminated in back surgery a few years ago. My client is feeling a lot better and is now working to strengthen her core. I assessed this wonderful lady to see how else we can help her over and above the exercises we are already doing.

Using Neuro-Kinetic Therapy (R) protocols, I found her diaphragm to be overworking for her tummy muscles, in effect inhibiting them. We released the tight spots around the diaphragm and activated abdominal muscles. It took about 5 minutes.

The client kindly allowed me to share the Before and After pictures which you can see below. I think you will agree that these are wonderful results and this resulted in an immediate straightening up of the overall alignment. My client continues to be a lot more comfortable with much less neck discomfort.

If you would like to find out more about Neuro-Kinetic Therapy (R) and my work in general, please reach out to find out more.

To your health Kaye

07768 135481

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