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move beyond

Get strong in your body again. MOVE better, FEEL better.
Own YOUR health journey 


Are you struggling with back, neck or hip pain or tension, weakened abdominals, continence issues, or pelvic organ prolapse symptoms, and want to feel happy in your body again?

Are you concerned that you are losing your zest for life, and wondering if it is an integral part of ageing?

Are you worried about it getting worse?

Find your pathway to healing and feeling at home in your body again. 

Rediscover your strength

Find out why my approach is different, why it works and how it can help you. 



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Are you looking to get in control of YOUR health? You are in the right place. 


I am a highly qualified Pilates, Restore Your Core® and Movement Therapist. I am passionate about the human body and assisting YOU on your journey. 


I get results by knowing the anatomy of movement, understanding how pain affects us, respecting connections across the whole body, and - above all - helping people to rediscover enjoyment in movement.

On a personal level, I have overcome many health problems and restored my own mobility. 

It's an amazingly rewarding journey. Put yourself in the driving seat, take the steering wheel, and I will help you at every turn of the road. 

kaye woodgate

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Restore Your Core® 

Restore Your Core® is a method to retrain our core and pelvic floor muscles to be functional, reflexive, responsive and supportive to our body.


Restore Your Core® helps you learn to move better, exercise better, uncover movement compensation patterns and create new patterns of strength, mobility, length and support.

how can I help?

Pelvic organ prolapse? Pelvic instability? Back pain? Arthritis? Neck stiffness?

Shoulder movement restriction?

Take back control of YOUR health.

If you are caught up in a cycle of long term aches and pains, struggling to recover from an injury, are hypermobile and looking to find strength, or cannot increase that elusive mobility despite lots of stretching, you need to take a more holistic approach to your recovery process.

If you are looking to strengthen your core and looking for an effective and fun way to do this, join us. 

If you have been through multiple rounds of physical therapy and it has not helped, perhaps a different approach is needed.

Often, seemingly unconnected symptoms have a common underlying reason for them.

Just the way we breathe and how we hold tension around certain areas of the body has an impact on our whole system. Or maybe scars and their pull on tissues are at play, causing long term disruption around surgery sites. We can evaluate these, too. 

The whole body is interconnected.


Come and give yours a thorough MOT and own the recovery process from here onwards.

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MOVEMENT therapy

In-person and Online Classes in Small groups



Pre-Recorded Video Classes are available

private pilates and restore your core®
1-1 work

In-person and Online


I can visit you

at a your home

advanced level neuro-kinetic therapy®

This is a ground-breaking method of resolving movement compensation patterns, aleviating pain and rapidly restoring movement freedom. Get to the source of the issue and treat it, permanently.

This will be done

in 1-1 sessions.

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