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Reclaim your strength | Rediscover your wellness | Move Better, Feel Better


Unlock Your Body's Potential: Free Movement Therapy & Pilates Videos by Kaye Woodgate

Welcome to Move Beyond.

Are you experiencing lingering aches and pains, managing continence issues, grappling with weakened abdominal muscles, or just sensing a subtle shift away from your usual vibrant self?

Let's explore a tailored path towards greater well-being together.

KW Interview 14 Mar 24

Listen to my recent interview on Radio Wimborne

Kaye Woodgate Pilates and Therapy Wimborne Dorset Online
Kaye Woodgate Pilates Therapy Wimborne Dorset Online

I'm Kaye Woodgate, the Founder of Move Beyond, and I specialise in helping you feel better, move better and regain your core and pelvic strength. 


I work with men and women of all ages although my therapies are particularly helpful for pre and post menopausal women. You may be 25 or 85; my tailored programs will help you feel better and rediscover the best version of ‘you’.


If you are experiencing chronic aches and pains, core or pelvic floor issues, or are recovering from injury, you are not alone.  Many people, particularly women during the pre-and post-menopausal stages, are turning to other ways of combatting the changes in their mobility, strength, and general well-being. 


If you've tried different exercises and therapies without getting the changes you want, maybe it's time to try something new—one that looks at all of you, not just parts.

Let's explore how your body moves, understand how pain affects you, and see how everything connects.


Join me for enjoyable movement therapies that work.

Together, we'll go on a journey to a healthier, happier you.

MOVEMENT therapy

In-person and online classes in small groups



Pre-recorded video classes are available

private pilates and restore your core®
1-1 work

In-person and online


I can visit you

at home

advanced level neuro-kinetic therapy®

This is a ground-breaking method of resolving movement compensation patterns, alleviating pain and rapidly restoring movement freedom. Get to the source of the issue and treat it, permanently.

This will be done

in 1-1 sessions.

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