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Sandy Beach

Emotional Transformation

Healthy mind and emotions are essential to having a happy life, where we feel calm, in control, and able to achieve the things you want.

Where we not triggered by past events or memories. We can live in the present moment, free from anxiety or regrets.


Where we feel self-sufficient to have the skills to deal with whatever curve balls life throws at us at any given moment.


Wouldn't it be great to have such peace of mind? 

Are you feeling "stuck" emotionally and holding yourself back in life?


Struggling with anxious thoughts or nervous tension?

Suffering from difficult memories you just can't shake off?

Experiencing the "Imposter syndrome"?

I am qualified in Integrated Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) which can really help.

IEMT is a form of rapid emotional therapy. It sees the person as being at the centre of the ever-changing world, interacting with it the best they can. Some of the responses we develop are "maladaptive" - they serve us initially, but really, they are not so useful or wholesome in the longer run. This can be addressed.


During the therapy, we identify such less-than-desirable responses and find triggers for them. We then ask the client to do some simple and safe eye movements whilst thinking of those.

These eye movements result in the trigger situation appearing more distant or unimportant in the client’s mind, helping to reduce or eliminate the associated emotions.

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