WORK wITH me: Classes

I teach small group Movement Therapy sessions online or in-person.  

In-person classes are held at the Reef, Colehill, Colehill Lane, Wimborne BH21 7AB, on Monday and Friday mornings. 

In spring 2022, I am opening up new Restore Your Core classes in Wimborne on Wednedsay eevnings.  


Are these sessions different to standard Pilates? 

Yes, definitely!


I take a whole body approach. I use appropriate core activations movements, lightweight physiotherapy-type techniques and assessments, the latest anatomy driven muscle strengthening, and  lengthening and releasing techniques. 


And, of course, you have Pilates and movement with deep awareness and breathing drills. Plus some resistance bands and balls. It's a great mix. 

I love to keep it fun and varied

I also strongly believe in building a community where we can move together, share a laugh,  make new friends, learn about the body and challenge ourselves. Fine-tune the body and leave with a smile on our faces. 

We look at everything - feet to eyes and wrists, not just the abdominals, back and shoulders. It is all connected

You won't find dozens of abdominal crunches in my sessions. Most of the time, that is not what the body needs, especially not as the sole focus.


The bigger picture is much more important. 

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Are these sessions suitable for me?

If you suffer from back or shoulder pain, have a spinal condition such as scoliosis, disc herniation or stenosis, find it uncomfortable to turn, reach or bend down, are hypermobile or have MS or fibromyalgia, you will have much more bespoke attention in these sessions. Provided there are no contra-indications, we are good to go. 

If you are starting a new exercise regime and are new to exercise, please get a sign off from your doctor to check if it is OK to commence Pilates, and give me a call if unsure. 

What will these sessions give me?

These movement therapy sessions will help you find the agility and greater freedom of movement in your body. You breathing patterns and posture will improve along with your core stability, sense of balance and self-awareness.

If you are fed up with tightness, restrictions and limitations in your body, this is the right next step. The next step towards taking control of your health. 

Are online sessions effective? 

Definitely! Online classes are held in "real time" with cues and corrections as I have a lovely big monitor where I can see how everyone is. I offer suggestions and modifications as we go.


Come and try it - it's fun! 

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In-person group Pilates Therapy classes:

   - £12 per session, in blocks of 6 or 7 weeks (1 hour sessions)

Online group classes:

   - £10 per per session, in blocks of 6 or 7 weeks (1 hour sessions)

In-person Restore Your Core classes:

   - £15 per session, in blocks of 6 or 7 weeks (1 hour 15 mins sessions)

video classes

I am offering pre-recorded classes for those of you who are unable to join my scheduled Zoom sessions.

These are £10 per class and are available to use for a month.

Currently, you need to contact me to obtain a recording. In future, I will be putting up these videos online so you could purchase them directly from the website. Watch this space :)

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You will need a few things for online use, yes.


Equipment list: Mat, Pilates ring, 25cm Pilates ball, spiky massage ball, stretchy band, small loop band etc. You can buy them yourself or contact me to purchase your full set.

For group classes, please bring your own mat. I will provide a resistance band (the cost is £3). All the other bits and bots will be provided in the class as needed.