You are how you moveand you are amazing

Thank you for coming to my page Move Beyond. 

Are you looking to get more mobile, tone up and strengthen, help alleviate some aches and pains, recover from an injury, and understand your body better?

This is what I do.

Have you ever tried to seek treatment for aches and pains to find that it keeps coming back despite rest, ice, heat, painkillers, massage, adjustments, manipulations?

Ever been told that you need to carry yourself straighter, that the core is "weak", that you need to stop slouching, only to find that no matter what you do, your body seems to not respond? Isn't this frustrating?

There is another way. 

Our movement patterns can be improved. Everything in our body is inter-connected and adaptable. The body tells a story of your life - your past habits, your health history, unresolved traumas, worries about the future. We reflect these events in our bodies - and likewise we respond to new inputs and learn new habits. 

At Move Beyond's Restore Your Core® and Pilates and movement therapy sessions, we explore new ways to establish better movement pathways freeing up your body and breath and giving you new strength and resilience.

Never think you are broken. You have an amazing capacity to heal and get better.

Take control. Move better. Move Beyond

Why do we have pain?

​If you have chronic pain, it is a very distressing condition to experience. 
It is -important to realise is that pain does not reflect the extent of tissue damage.
For example, with disc herniations, there will be many people who are totally pain free despite a significant disc issue as seen on an MRI scan. And people with very small disc bulges in great discomfort. 
Pain is a complex process originating deep within the brain. The body gives us pain signals when it perceives danger, rightly - or sometimes wrongly.
But it is less good at switching off the pain signals when the danger had passed. Some people find themselves sensitised and continue to experience pain for much longer. 
Gentle movement, calming down the nervous system, rediscovering the connection to the body and mindful breathing are all great ways to help alleviate pain signals.

I found my calling in life with Movement Therapy.

I have done Pilates and Yoga ever since I was a child because of neck problems from a young age. Then when I was a teenager doctors noticed a degree of scoliosis. I loved the precision and  discipline of the exercises. But I did not fully comprehend the importance of it all until I suffered serious pelvic problems during my first pregnancy.


This turned my life upside down. I was in a lot of pain for 2 years. Traditional physiotherapy and massage could not heal me completely. Chiropractic helped but did not provide a full lasting resolution. I am grateful to the many people who assisted me during these tough years but it was clear that I was "no easy fix". This experience made me rethink everything.

I rebuilt my health with the help of targeted Pilates therapy. This set me onto a journey of self-discovery seeking further answers as to why my body was working the way it was.

My second pregnancy was amazing and pain free.

But this was not enough.

As I went down the exciting rabbit-hole of learning how our body really works and responds to life's demands, it sparked a deepening interest in movement therapy and led to me retraining in Pilates Therapy.

Since then I have been on a perpetual learning journey, continuously seeking out new things to beter help my clients.

I have now developed my own method of teaching Movement Therapy drawing on Pilates, Pilates Therapy, Yoga, somatic movement modalities and many more. I am a qualified Restore Your Core® teacher which is a fabulous way to rehabilitate our cores and pelvic floors. 

I have worked with the following conditions:

  • Back, hip, neck, shoulder discomfort or pain

  • Spinal conditions - spondylitis, sciatica, stenosis, scoliosis, spondylosis

  • Disk herniation ("slipped disk") 

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Shoulder impingement
  • Balance and coordination issues

  • Fibromyalgia

  • MS

  • Diastasis recti

  • Hypermobility

  • Pregnancy and post-natal

  • Pelvic floor issues

  • And many more... please ask!