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This Week at Move Beyond - 16 Nov 2020

This week at MoveBeyond, we are looking at the pelvis and how it interacts with your walking patterns. Or is it your walking patterns interacting with your pelvis...

Do you have a preferred foot that you always step forward with? Most of us do. We have been finding out how this preference encourages you to have stronger hip flexion on one side (leg forward) and stronger hip extension (leg back). But conversely, your body is not quite as comfortable with the reverse position. Maye it feels a little bit less stable. Or just strange. This preference impacts not just the legs, but muscles in the waist, rotation of the pelvis and rotation of the ribs.

Wouldn't it be great to encourage easier movement where the body does not quite like to go at present?

Join us to find out how we can do that. Your first trial class is free.


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