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This Week at MoveBeyond - 1 May 2019

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

We are having a fantastic week here at Move Beyond so far implementing the new learning from the 4 day Anatomy of Core and Breathing course that I've just attended with Immaculate Dissection. This course allowed participants to learn anatomy in movement through transparent images drawn on a real person which you can peel off layer by layer. Everything is certainly connected but understanding the exact way it is connected makes all the difference to designing exercises and movement challenges that get results. 

Since the start of this week, I've had people refer to the new approach as their "breath reset button" and observe immediate benefits in how connected and strong they feel and for some - improvements to the range of motion. And we have barely scratched the surface! Welcome to your new freer

diaphragm and liberated abdominal oblique muscles. And please don't forget your homework!


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