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Making Lemonade From My Lemons

Recently I have been taking stock of my life to date and recognizing how grateful and fulfilled I am to be doing the work I do. Bringing better health and mobility to others and assisting them on their way - is there truly a better job out there?

But it had not always been this way, and my working life started in a very different place. You might say, it could not have been more different.

And it was so very bad for my health, too. It nearly ruined me. Recalling how much pain I had been in is not a pleasant memory.

And things are very different now. Thanks not just to the change of work and lifestyle, but also the learning I have acquired on the way, and the passion that I found for doing work to help others.

I am not one to bang my own drum, but this story is so totally central to how I came into my current line of work, and this story wanted to be told. I shared this story with Andrew Diprose from Dorset Biz News today, 31 March 2022:

And if this helps one person to not give up, to keep searching for answers, support, remain stubborn and sheer-bloody-minded, and find their own solutions in the face of adversity, then it was not in vain.

Keep strong. Take control. Move better. Move Beyond.

To your health, Kaye


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