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Diastasis Recti

Diastasis recti, or separation of stomach muscles, occurs - most often - during pregnancy. Sometimes, these muscles do not come back together, creating a wider waistline, a feeling of weakness around the middle, can contribute to back pain and other uncomfortable symptoms. It can also go hand in hand with pelvic floor issues and breathing restrictions.

Diastasis recti is not, however, something that only happens to women post pregnancy. Sometimes, it can occur in men, or women who have never had babies, and even young children. In those cases, the trigger for the separation of muscles is either over-intensive abdominal exercise regime with poor form, or general core weakness, inactivity, lack of rib cage mobility or non-optimal breathing mechanics. These factors also play a significant role for diastasis recti for new mothers.

No case of diastasis recti is the same and every individual needs to be treated for it with their unique circumstances in mind. Generic abdominal crunches are not the go-to exercise for this condition! It takes time to heal the tissues and restore functionality of the abdominal wall.

Let us know if you have this condition and come to us for an analysis and input. I use Pilates therapy and Neuro-Kinetic therapy and knowledge of anatomy to get the best results.


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