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Breathing Focus for November

Saying bye-bye to October, Hello to November 2021 with a new exciting programme for my classes for the late autumn term!

The subject is Ribcage Mobility and Breathing. Yay!

Why is this so very exciting?

Did you know that ribcage mobility is not just a nice-to-have, and NOT JUST something that makes breathing easier (for that alone, it warranties all the attention we give it!), but an essential component of our inner core strength and stability?

Yes, the strength and efficiency of your whole body and of its limbs.

Ribs that are rigid, tense, not keen to rotate and side-bend have a huge impact on the whole body.

Our core muscles that provide stability for our pelvis and lower back attach to the ribcage at different levels. So if your ribcage is stiff, the pelvis is not receiving the interaction with the ribcage that it needs for its optimal functioning. This will also impact the way you walk and how hard your legs have to work to get you where you are going.

In a simplified way - the stiffer the ribcage, the more inefficient the core, the more unstable the pelvis, the worse we transmit force from pelvis to legs, the harder the legs have to work.

It's like working off a wonky bridge. Precarious and hard to get centered.

The same is true for the arms. If we have a stable shoulder blade, getting our arms strong and able to enjoy their natural range of motion is a doddle for the body. The shoulder blade stability feeds off core muscles that yet again attach to the ribcage. When core "talks" to the shoulder blade, we send power through our ribcage into the arms. If this transition and stability is not in place, our arms will have to work harder than needed, be more prone to injury, and our shoulders will have a reduced range of movement.

So, let's free up that ribcage!

I am starting a new block of classes, 7 weeks long, on 1st Nov. These are done both in person in Colehill, Wimborne (Mon and Fri mornings), and online via Zoom (Tue and Thursday mornings).

Contact me to inquire about joining!

Mornings don't suit you? Did you know I also do weekly videos that have the same programme with the step by step explanations. You can go through these at a time that suits you from home. Send me a message to find out more!

To your health, Kaye x

07768 135481

Image credit - Kirsten Marie


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